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Master Wan Su Jian

Master Jianye Jiang

Master Wan Su Jian is a professor, high level Doctor and Director of the Chinese Taoist Medical Qigong Bagua Xundao Gong & Red Cross Traditional Medical Exchange Center in Beijing, China. Master Wan teaches Taoist Qigong theory, Qigong healing for family health, self healing, preventative healthcare, special Qigong exercises, body mapping, calligrapy, Feng Shui, and more. Everyone taking Master Wan's workshops will participate and benefit from these unique Medical Qigong treatments. He offers private sessions on a first come basis. This is a chance to experience a little of what participants receive each year on the two-week study trips to China that Daisy and Francesco Garripoli have lead for the past eight years with Master Wan. Workshops are powerful experiences because of this healing component, and techniques will be taught to attendees both to assist in one's own healing as well as assisting in helping to heal others.

Master Wan was instrumental in the eradication of the SARS epidemic in China in 2003 and has received numerous awards of merit from the Chinese Government and was elected one of the top 10 contemporary medical doctors in China.

Getting the opportunity to experience this authentic Master is worth making the time in your schedule. In China, Master Wan treats many high level government officials when he is not working with orphans in small villages around the country. He has some forty young, full-time students living with him at his Beijing institute all Masters in training, learning treatment techniques in Master Wan's signature, multi-practitioner emitted Qi healing sessions. From Master Wan they also study traditional natural healing practices, martial arts, acupuncture, and Qigong exercise techniques.

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