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Thank you for your interest in our annual Healing and Study Trips to Asia.. Over the years we have lead groups to China, Thailand, Bhutan and India to study the traditional healing modalities of those countries. We have been leading these study trips to various power spots in Asia every year now since 1996, helping to inspire over 500 people to go deeper into their personal practice and healing!... and I feel that besides contributing funds and medical support to a needy orphanage in an impoverished village to the west of Beijing or a monastery and nunnery in Bhutan or a health clinic in Dharamsala, it is one of the best ways I know to build international friendships and intercultural understanding of world medicine modalities such as Qigong, Buddhism, Panchakarma, Buprana and more. Below is info on the various adventures... Enjoy!

Bali Qigong Trip 2012


This unique Qigong Healing Trip from October 11 – 23 is a creative deviation from those I have designed over the many years of leading over 500 people to Asia on journeys of transformation.  We are weaving the wisdom of ancient China with the healing magic of Bali and the spirit of her people.  Although we are staying at two different exclusive luxury resorts, they simply create the pampering foundation for deep, personal healing treatments and in-depth Qigong training each day.  From learning Qigong healing techniques in the mystical Buddhist mountains of Bali to playing Qigong with wild dolphins that engage in healing work in a private ocean bay, this empowering adventure is designed to transform and wake up our energetic potential. 

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Daisy and Francesco have been working with Qigong Master Wan Sujian and other Masters in China (who you may have seen on our Qigong documentary airing on PBS) to bring you exciting and memorable trips that many say are life-changing.. This past year's adventures were remarkable... thank you everyone who participated!

We are happy to say that our annual September trip (always the last two weeks of that month) usually sell out (as we are happy to say they have since we started leading them in 1996.) If you are interested in joining us to study and adventure in China, please contact us to get your name on our next exciting trip.

Our next trip will be September 2013 and will reflect a return to emphasizing training and healing, with daily classes by Francesco, Daisy, and our Master Instructors in China... as well as your personal treatments. You will be studying with - and be receiving daily treatments from - a high-level, nationally respected Medical Qigong Master, something a bit difficult to arrange even if you were Chinese. If you are interested in this unique and amazing way to see China, learn about Qigong and their ancient culture and receive daily, personal healing treatments, this may be the trip you have been waiting for.

After living in China and leading trips for so long, I felt it was time to return to our focus on learning Qigong from exceptional Masters from the homeland of Qigong healing. We will visit many culturally significant sites and, yes, shop... but our emphasis is having quality time with renowned healing Masters through an intimate and hands-on experience in Beijing & the beautiful and mystical city of Chendu, China - Our 15th Annual China Qigong Study Trip with Francesco and Daisy was an exciting one - One week with Master Wan Sujian at his amazing Beijing-based Traditional Medical Exchange Institute (the Master featured in our PBS-TV documentary on Qigong), and the second week in the mystical Southwestern Chinese beauty of Chengdu, practicing Qigong in the amazing mountains on the border of Tibet. The itinerary for this adventure is now available... deposits are being taken as the trip is filling up fast. Click here to contact us

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This is one of the most unique Study Trips that I have designed in all my years of leading groups to Asia.  Like our wonderful past group trips to this amazing country, we are combining the wisdom of ancient Chinese healing with the magic of Thailand and the amazing heart of her people on this healing adventure. Our 2012 Trip was sold out and was an amazing and trasformative adventure for all. Our next trip will be March 23 - April 8, 2013.  Be prepared to be pampered… with an awesome array of treatment modalities and Qigong training from Francesco Garri Garripoli, Daisy Lee, Buddhist monks and senior staff instructors while being treated to excellent service and delicious organic meals in TWO amazing northern Thailand hideaways... a remote Taoist facility and another private Buddhist retreat not even open to foreigners.

Thai Temple ..... clinic staff

For those of you who have been to this beautiful Buddhist country you know that the greatest asset is there people. During your stay, a physician will be assigned to your for your time here and will be recommending a variety of treatment modalities that will be best suited for your age, personal health condition, and preferences.  I have selected a series of key treatments that I’ve personally found to be very effective and rejuvenating, and when received in the proper sequence, can be amazingly cleansing and empowering.  These treatments are not like any you may have had before, trust me.  Even if you have had organ cleansing or chelation therapy in the past, the way it is done in Thailand, with physicians and registered nurses working with you, these are extraordinarily effective.  If you are like me, you will find the Thai staff a pleasure to work with.

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In 2008 we offered a unique healing trip to India where we combined Qigong with the ancient Ayurvedic Indian healthcare treatment called Panchakarma. It was such a success we are considering to offer this again but haven't made plans. I your are interested, please let us know. I have been fortunate enough to receive this treatment from one of the most respected healers in India - and her family clinic is in the same village as where the Dalai Lama lives. Dharamsala is a colorful and fabulous mountain village in the shadows of the Himalayas, with snowcapped peaks visible everywhere you look. This trip will give you the same experience.

Dharamsala India by Francesco Garripoli ..... Dharamsala women by Francesco Garripoli ....

The energy of this place is spectacular and contributes to the depth of your healing during Panchakarma. We will offer daily Qigong classes to start your day that includes your personal 3-hour treatment and a certification training course in a powerful energy healing technique taught by a senior Indian couple that happens to be the parents of our Ayurvedic doctor! We have an exciting itinerary that is available upon request... let me know if you are interested this trip as the mention in our "Breathe Deep" e-newsletter generated a tremendous response.

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I've decided not to lead another trip into Tibet for a while - with the new high-speed train now bringing droves in from mainland China, it seems prudent to wait until the chaos of overwhelmed infrastructure and limited hotels settles down. This past trip there was amazing, spending time meditating with high Lamas in various monasteries, praying with sincere nuns at Tibet's largest Buddhist nunnery, and experiencing the powerful energy of the Tibetan Plateau. I limited the trip to 15 people and we sold out. If you are interested in traveling to Tibet with us in the future, let me know and we will put you on our list for the future... for now, we explore another spiritual country with strong Tibetan influence... What I have done instead of Tibet is designed an amazing Qigong healing and spiritual study trip to the magical kingdom of Bhutan. High in the Himalayas, this Buddhist country of only 600,000 people has been cut off from most of the world up until the 1970s, and still only accepts some 4,000 visitors each year. I went on a beautiful personal trip there and was blessed to meet high-level monks, government officials, caring people, and even the senior Queen!

Bhutanese monastery by Francesco Garripoli ........... Francesco with Bhutanese schoolchildren

I created the first healing-oriented adventure into Bhutan, working with one of the most respected agencies in this lovely country in November 2007 and it was fabulous. We limit this extraordinary two-week trip to only 15 people at a time and are currently working on a possible trip next year. Stay in touch... more information will follow.

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As all our trips are sponsored by our non-profit Kahuna Valley organization, up to 60% of your payment can be written off as a tax-exempt donation since you will be helping to support Kahuna Valley's teen programs with your participation.

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As with all our trips, I travel to appeal to the student within each of us.  This means we’ll be on the go most of the time, with Qigong training, personal treatment, and adventure as our main focus.  When you get precious time with Qigong Masters, you learn to savor every moment.  Sure there’s balanced time to rest, enjoy traditional entertainment and do some sightseeing, but the focus will be on learning each day and experiencing the Qigong treatments and foot massages we’ll receive every day. Our trips start with you receiving a personally tailored Chinese medical diagnosis and herbal treatment to help balance your energy and assist in any healing that you may require. This will work in conjunction with your personal, daily medical Qigong treatments.

The food is par excellence, well suited for vegetarians like me, but with a fair share of dishes for everyone.  Our trip price is all-inclusive and based on double occupancy; the only money you’ll be spending during this trip is on personal expense items you decide to buy like gifts, laundry, long-distant telephone calls and so forth.

We’ll need a $1,500 deposit to reserve your spot.  Upon receiving this, you’ll start getting info from us to help you with making preparation for the trip a breeze.  We can discuss refunds on a case-by-case situation, but understand that the closer we get to the trip dates, the tougher it will be for us to refund all of your deposit.

We will take reservations on a first-come, first-served basis.  I trust the following gives you a good idea of the enriching educational and experiential trip we’ll be going on.  From my past experiences over the past eight years, leading groups including physicians and members of the health field to newcomers curious about learning more of Qigong, I have come to discover that these adventures can be positive, life-changing experiences.  I hope you will join our unique and heartfelt study trip.

If you have any further questions or would like to sign up to travel with us, please click here to let me know... or call us at (808) 822 - 4268

Peace... Francesco Garri Garripoli

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